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How to buy a ticket land in Meland Marketplace

Before starting, please make sure you have enough MELD and MATIC on Polygon. Following info tips will help you prepare for that.

  1. Buy MELD on BSC network
  2. Transfer your MELD to Polygon network
  3. If you are new to Polygon network, you also need to get some MATIC to pay the gas fees like BNB for BSC network. Please follow this tutorial.
  • Switch your Metamask wallet network to Polygon.
  • Visit Meland Marketplace from Meland's official site. Image description
  • Click on "Land" and click on the submenu "Ticket Land". You should see the item "Ticket Land". 💡 Tips: If you see a blank page, please wait for a few seconds, or refresh the page again. Image description
  • Click on the button "Buy". Image description Image description
  • Click on the button "Confirm" on the popup window from Metamask. Image description
  • After a successful purchase, you can see your ticket land under the "My Assets" category. Image description
  • Great! You can join the battle of lands now! 🎉

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MELD on ploygon?