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How to open your Mystery Boxes in Meland Marketplace

Hello, Melanders.

Here is a simple tutorial on how to open a mystery box.

Note: Make sure you use the same wallet address you bought NFTs in Meland Marketplace.

  • Go to the marketplace from Meland’s official site: Click on “MARKETPLACE”.
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  • When you jump into the marketplace page, please switch your Metamask network to Polygon( Matic ). If you can not see anything on the page, do remember to refresh the page again.
    (💡: here is a tutorial for how to add Polygon network)
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  • Click on “My Assets”, and you will see your mystery boxes.
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  • Click one of them, and click on the button “OPEN BOX” .
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  • 🎉 Congratulations! 🎉 You have opened the mystery box. At the same time, you have got one ticket land and a set of skins.

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  • Click on the button “CONFIRM” to close the page and go back to the marketplace.

💡 You can trade your NFTs or put them on in the game.
Skins in Game

Trade Your Skins

📅 The game is live today

🌟 Welcome aboard 🌟

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where can i buy the vip land?