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How to Play with Your VIP Land

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  • How to get in
  • How to start building your world
  • What’s Next


Note 1: All VIP Lands in public sale are set with specified coordinate
Note 2: This article is for VIP Land owners in private sale

There are several steps before you can share your own world with others. Please follow these steps, and feel free to ask in Meland Discord if you have any questions.

How to get in

  • Login the game with your metamask.

Check if you have got your VIP Land which shows on your avatar area.

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  • ( Optional ) If you have not yet submitted your VIP Land location, please submit now. Image description
  • Find your VIP Land location on the mini map and click on it to teleport . Image description
  • When you get there, open your package, and put your VIP entry on the land. Image description Image description
  • Hover the entrance to your VIP Land, and click to place it. Image description Tips: It takes Ditamin to place the entrance. Image description

The entrance should show up in a few seconds. If not, try to refresh the page.

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  • Congratulations! Now you have an entrance. Let’s begin to build a world inside it and share the world with your friends.

How to start building your world

  • Click the VIP Land entrance, then click the button “MAP EDITING”. Image description
  • After jumping into the “My creation” page, click the icon “Create”. All your map creations are recorded here. Image description
  • Choose a view for your map, and click the button “Next”. You can try Oblique view as well. Image description
  • Set a meaningful name for your creation, and choose a cover for it. Click the button “Enter” to start editing. 🎉 Image description
  • Now use the in-game editor to start to build your creation! We have prepared a series of videos and articles to help you get familiar with the powerful editor.

🌟 Editor Tutorial #1 — Meet the editor & Simple Build with the Terrain tool

🌟 Editor Tutorial #2 — Create tool & Drawing Board

  • After finishing that, you can now share it with others. Go back to “My creation” page, click the map that you have created in the previous step, and follow the guide below. Image description
  • Again, you can configure your map name and cover before publishing it. When ready, click the button “Publish”. Image description
  • Wow~ You have published your first creation! Image description
  • Exit “My creation” page and click the VIP Land portal to set your published map. Image description Image description
  • Please note that it will cost your Ditamin to run the map. Image description Image description
  • Check it to see if it works like you expected. Image description Image description Image description
  • Share your creation now. 🎉 Tell others your VIP Land location, invite them to come and play =)

What’s next

  • Follow our Discord and Youtube to get the latest editor tutorials
  • Share your creations with the community 😄
  • Participate in our “Meland Editor Building Competition” Tell the admins to list your creations ( will come ❤️)


🌟 How to remove my VIP Land portal?
Click on your vip land, and it should show up a pop up window. Then Click the button “REMOVE”.

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🌟 Can I use a new map to replace the map currently running on my VIP Land?
Yes. But notice that changing the current portal settings will disrupt the gameplay experience for players on live maps. Players that are currently online in your VIP Land will be forced to log out of your map.

🌟 Can I update the map currently running on my VIP Land?
Yes. It is the same as replacing a new map on your VIP Land, so it will disrupt the gameplay experience for players on live maps. Players that are currently online in your VIP Land will be forced to log out of your map.

🌟 Do I need to pay to run the map on my VIP Land?
Yes. The map is running on a cloud server, and you need to pay Ditamin to run the server. Please check the newest price in the game.

🌟 Can I buy VIP Lands now?
No, the presale is closed, please wait for the public sale.

🌟Can I sell the VIP Land Box?
Yes, you can do that in Meland marketplace.

🌟 Can I put 4 maps on 4 VIP Lands?
Yes, you can publish 4 different maps on 4 VIP Lands. If you want 2 VIP Lands to use the same map, these 2 VIP Lands will share the same running server. So if you want to use the same map, but with different servers, it is better to duplicate your map and publish them separately.

💡 More FAQ can be found on Meland Help Center:

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