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Meland Editor Building Competition

In our recently updated version of the game, editor mode was introduced.

This powerful tool, combined with intuitive imagination, can create unlimited possibilities.

Here is a chance to learn this tool, create a world you like with it, show the world your superb creativity, and win a prize by the way.

It’s our first Meland Editor Building Competition.

How to Enter the Competition

Use the Meland editor to create a scene with the theme “The World I Like”.

Take a screenshot of the entire scene.
Find out our event tweet which will be posted on February 1 at 8am (UTC).

Quote it with (a) your screenshot, (b) a sentence to describe your scene, and (c) the hashtag #CreatewithMeland.

If you receive a like from us, your entry is successful.

The Prizes

There are three prizes in this competition:

🎁 Popularity Prize
As of 8am (UTC) on February 7, the top three tweets with the highest number of likes will receive the popularity prizes. The prizes they will receive are as follows:
🌟The 1st place: a special NFT + 300,000 Ditamin
🌟The 2nd place: a special NFT + 200,000 Ditamin
🌟The 3rd place: a special NFT + 100,000 Ditamin

🎁 Excellent Work Prize
We will select 10 outstanding works based on completion and creativity, and each of their authors will receive a special NFT.

🎁 Early Bird Prize
The first 100 participants will each receive an early bird prize of 10,000 Ditamin.

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If you have any questions, please join our Discord and check out the #editor-building-competition channel, or you can contact administrators directly. reserve the right to final interpretation.

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