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Meland Updates V1.9.4


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New Activity System

More activity tasks:

Successfully challenging a quiz earns you 1 active point.

Conquering a new land earns you 1 active point.

In other words, you can get a total of 3 active points for successfully occupying a land, 2 points from 2 quizzes, and 1 point from conquering a land.

Lower reduction rate:

When the active points are less than 80, one point will be deducted every 2 hours.

Deduction rules changed:

The deduction countdown will be reset after each completion of active tasks.

Land yield rate adjustment:

81-100: 100%

61-80: 80%

0-60: active points/100*100%

Active points reset:

Everyone's active points will be reset to 100 after this update.



A new quiz type is added.

Balanced the difficulty of the Whack-a-Mole quiz.


Updated the map with a few adjustments to the terrain.


Fix the bug that the exchange system was stuck.

Fix the bug that the updateable status of map information was not updated in time.

Fix the bug that the hover of energy recovery information was not displayed.

Fix the bug that the Metamask wallet did not switch to polygon chain automatically when logging into the game.

Fix the bug that the land yield rate did not change in real-time according to the activity level.

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