Posted on weekly updates 2021#11-1

Hi, Melanders.

We’ve been optimizing some of the issues that have come to light over the past busy week. Meland is in the process of iteratively upgrading. Let’s take a look at what’s going on in Meland this week.

Here are updates from the past week:

1. User interface updates

1.1 User interface for quizzes
Image description

The answer UI allows you to view the current reward for each correct answer, the guaranteed status, and the progress of the answer.

Rewards are calculated based on the number of territories at the time of question initiation.

The font of the answer UI has been updated to avoid confusion between letters and numbers.

1.2 User interface for settlement

Win: Effect adjustment

Image description

Lose: Effect adjustment

Image description

2. Optimization of the effect

2.1 Territorial possession is prominently more represented.

The previous mask has been removed and the rounded corners have been used to make the colours of the territories clearer

In fact, you can also show the previous mask again by clicking on your territory.

Image description

2.2 The impact of hovering the mouse over clickable lands

Lands now have a hover effect, with challengeable and unchallengeable states.

Image description

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