Posted on Weekly Updates 2021#11-3

I am very excited to introduce you to the updates to Meland. Some of you who have entered the game have already experienced our new NFT system. But for those of you who haven’t had the chance to experience the game, that’s okay, so let me tell you about this week’s update and the changes it brings!


  • We added a Marketplace last week where you can buy or sell your NFTs. That will expand our economic case with a new area, more NFTs will being added to the Marketplace. Image description

Placeable NFT

  • This is the second NFT on Meland that can be placed on your land and provides a buff on the surrounding land.

  • The Placeable NFT is classified into five rarities:

  • The rarer the NFT, the stronger the buff effect it provides
    Image description


  • All the items you have purchased in the Marketplace will appear here. You can use your NFT items by opening your backpack.

  • We also have a Marketplace entrance on the backpack where you can jump directly to the Marketplace.

Image description

Ticket Land

  • We have added the system of land assets: before you can start the Quiz challenge, you need to acquire a piece of Ticket land and this Tick land will not be attacked by others.

  • This Tick land can also be used as your asset to sell in Marketplace to gain more $MELD.

  • Learn more:
    Image description

UI Update

Avatar bar

  • We have added two new fields to the Character field: Ticket land and Vip land (stay tuned).
    Image description

  • By clicking on Ticket Land or Vip Land field, you can jump directly to the mini map to see the distribution of your Land.
    Image description

Land panel

  • We have tweaked the Land panel a little. You can see that a small marker has been added to the right of the Land panel to indicate the buff effect of the Placeable NFT that the land is currently receiving.

Image description

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