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Ticket Land and Skin NFTs

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Meland is a free to play MMORPG Metaverse Game, the first Learn-to-Earn decentralized platform where players can challenge quizzes, create quizzes, build, own and monetize their gaming experience in the Polygon blockchain

How to Play overview

Ticket land is the access to challenging quizzes

Ticket Land

You can also check out the details here on different lands

Skins Example

Skins are NFTs to wear, to show your personality

Each skin suit is composed of 4 parts

You can combine different parts of different skin suits to create a variety of combination looks!

Combine or Sell different parts

You can also buy and sell these parts separately either in Meland Marketplace or in third-party NFT platforms like OpenSea

Skins are divided into 5 different tiers

  • Common ( 10,000 units in total per suit)
  • Rare ( 1,000 )
  • Epic ( 100 )
  • Mythic ( 10 )
  • Unique (1)

Contracts are shown here

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